About Us

Center for Anti-AgingWelcome to Center for Anti-Aging

I want you to know that I used to be overweight. I lost forty pounds and have kept it off for five years! My goal is to help patients like myself live a happier, healthier life and maintain a healthy weight forever! If you are sick of being overweight or obese and ready to lose weight and keep it off, let me help you! I HAVE BEEN THERE!

Karla Groves, MD

How We Do It

Dr. Groves leads a team designed to help you lose weight the healthy way and keep it off! We will help you reach your goal and MAINTAIN it! We offer:

  • comprehensive medical evaluation with a board certified family physician
  • full laboratory evaluation and EKG
  • monthly consultations with Dr. Groves
  • monthly education and advice with our on-site nutritionist
  • monthly guidance with our on-site exercise counselor
  • monthly weight checks and measurements
  • group exercise events
  • tools for tracking calories
  • tips for a healthy exercise routine
  • monthly B-12 injections
  • prescription medication for appetite suppression
  • free medication discount cards

The Real Deal

We offer several packages and a la carte pricing to fit your budget:

  • 6-month package for new patients: $700 (value $1,085)
  • 6-month package for established patients: $600 (value $1,035)
  • Initial provider consult: $150
  • Labs: $75
  • Follow-up provider visit: $100
  • Nutrition visit: $25
  • Exercise guidance: $25
  • B-12 injection: $10
  • Nurse office visit: $25

Call us today for other services and to schedule your consult!