• Sarah Potter, CMA


Peach fuzz, wrinkles and acne gone all in one treatment? That’s right- dermaplaning has many benefits and these are some of the best. The process involves using a scalpel to remove the dead skin off of the surface of your face. This treatment is extremely quick and affordable. Nevertheless, the results are incredible! Here are some things to know before your next dermaplaning session.

1. Say goodbye to peach fuzz

This treatment leaves your skin hairless and there is absolutely no pain! Your hair will NOT grow back darker or thicker!

2. Leaves skin with an even texture

You will have a smoother, more even skin tone. What’s better than that? Your next make up application will be amazzzing and last longer!

3. Makes you look younger

This treatment helps to diminish signs of aging. Dermaplaning helps to promote collagen, so it gets rid of those unwanted wrinkles… It just keeps getting better.

4. Hello glowing skin

Dermaplaning is the ultimate way to exfoliate your skin. It penetrates your skin more evenly to remove those dead skin cells. Also, this treatment makes it easier for topical products to penetrate your skin.

5. No more Acne

Dermaplaning aids in removing the buildup on your top layer of skin. Helping to correct acne and a dull complexion.

This treatment will need to be maintained every 3-4 weeks… Schedule an appointment with our incredibly talented esthetician, Taevia. You will not be disappointed. Glowing skin here you come!

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