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Skin Resurfacing in a Flash

Skin Resurfacing in a Flash

Merritt Winebrenner

November 13, 2017

Most of us skin guru’s know that fall and winter is chemical peel season, but it is also the perfect time for laser treatments! With the chilly weather, everyone is bundled up, minimizing sun exposure and lessening the need for artificial tanning-which are both contraindications for laser treatments (increased risk of burns and hyper/hypopigmentation).

Erbium laser resurfacing is a procedure performed for the purpose of wrinkle improvement or the treatment of other skin conditions such as acne scarring and rough texture. Erbium has become the popular choice over similar laser treatments, as it has less risk of side effects (as mentioned above), is much more comfortable for the patient, and has a shorter recovery time, usually within 5 days.

This laser ablates the epidermis (your outermost layer or skin) to reveal underlying skin that is smoother and younger looking. Usually with just one treatment, patients see impressive improvement, but with more severe cases, a second or possible third treatment may be needed for best results.

Wondering what the after math is like? Your skin will look and feel like you have a mild sunburn, being pink in color, tight, warm, and slight swelling is also normal. You will also want to care for it the same way you would a sun burn. Cleansing with only water, or a mild soap for the first few days. Applying Vasaline/Aquafor as needed will also help with any discomfort. A powder based makeup is fine to apply-so no need to be concerned about still having to be out and about during your recovery time.

So if it’s smoother skin you’re lusting after, stop by The Center for Anti-Aging any time in December and schedule a consultation for more information and take advantage of our special of buy 1 treatment, get 1 free!

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