Get rid of Stubborn Fat!

Do you have a Stubborn Bulge? How about unwanted Love Handles? Thunder Thighs? Pot Belly? Bingo Wings?

i-Lipo is the right treatment for you!

i-Lipo uses low level visible red lasers that help stimulate the body’s natural processes of emptying stored fat within fat cells! There are four lasers that work to penetrate the individual fat cells of the treatment area, temporarily opening small holes in the cell wall, through which the fat can escape.

This treatment does not affect surrounding areas such as blood vessels, the skin, or nerves. This means there is absolutely no pain during the treatment! Some patients may feel a warming sensation, but there is absolutely no pain.

So where does it go?

The fat released from the cell during your i-Lipo treatment is collected by the lymphatic system and transported to areas of the body where it can be metabolized into energy during exercise. This metabolism permanently removes the fat from the body, leaving patients with smaller, emptied out fat cells. I like to compare this way: your fat cells are like grapes when they are full, after i-Lipo they shrink like raisins!

What to expect:

Patients can generally expect to lose one to two inches from the treatment area when they are consistent with their treatments and follow a healthy diet and exercise plan. If you are losing weight or at least maintaining your weight, you should expect this type of result. This treatment may not work if you are gaining weight.

Our i-Lipo treatments are relaxing and pain free! The best part is there is no downtime and you can return to normal daily routines directly after the treatment.

We generally recommend scheduling a consult prior to starting treatments. This allows our expert staff to determine a treatment plan based on your specific needs, as well as go over the do's and don’t's.

If you have multiple areas to treat, we recommend focusing on one area at a time and allowing two weeks in between treatment of different areas (i.e. abdomen & thighs). In most cases we recommend that you treat each area 8-10 times, your treatments should be twice weekly for 4-5 weeks.

It is recommended that you fast 4 hours before your treatment. Treatments of i-Lipo last between 25-30 minutes, once the treatment is over you will have a 4 hour period to burn 250 calories.

We offer a private fitness center here at Center for Anti-Aging if you choose to burn your calories here at the office.

To maximize your results, we recommend that you follow a healthy nutrition plan, geared toward weight loss, increase your water intake, cut out caffeine and carbonated beverages as well as alcohol.

All of this information will be reviewed with you in depth at your consult and we will give you an instruction card to help you remember.

So what are YOU WAITING for? Call us today to schedule your consult with our expert staff. (859)402-2005)

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