Getting Skin Ready

GSR-Getting Skin Ready

By. Taevia Boden

As spring is fast approaching, you may find yourself getting ready for warmer weather, Spring break, March Madness, Keeneland, Derby, or maybe even Graduations. While planning to look and feel your best for such fun and special occasions, have your started getting your skin ready for all the pictures you will be taking?

Whether you are dealing with wanting to address skin concerns or just want to behold the basics for maintaining healthy glowing skin, ZO GSR sets the foundation for the basic fundamentals of skincare. ZO GSR stands for “Getting Skin Ready”, a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone that works synergistically to normalize skin function and restore overall skin health.

Whether you’re normal to dry, normal to oily, sensitive, combination, or acne-prone, it’s really as simple as just 1-2-3.

Step 1: Cleanse

Normalizing the skin with proper cleansing, removes surface debris, oil, cosmetics. and other impurities. ZO cleansers provide antioxidant protection to neutralize free radicals while soothing and calming the skin to leave you feeling refreshed, clean, and hydrated.

*Hydrating Cleanser * Gentle Cleanser * Exfoliating Cleanser

Step 2: Exfoliate

Promote exfoliation and improve circulation by using one of our scrubbing polishes to remove dead skin cells, enhance product penetration, and even out the texture and tone of your skin for a brighter, healthy glow! Exfoliating facilitates in epidermal renewal and accelerates treatment response.

*Offects Exfoliating Polish (all skin types) * Dual Action Scrub (acne-prone skin)

Step 3: Tone

Rebalance you skin by restoring the ph with one of our elite toners. Our toners normalize the pore size, controls oil, and soothe the skin’s surface reducing irritation to optimize the penetration of therapeutic treatments.

*Balatone (Dry, Weak Skin) *Complexion Renewal Pads (All Skin Types) * Oil Control Pads (Acne-prone)

Traditional skincare products focus on the visible symptoms of unhealthy skin without addressing the underlying cause at a cellular level. The first step to achieve healthy skin is stimulating the skin’s function properly with ZO’s Getting Skin Ready (GSR) system. Go back to the Basics and come see why starting ZO Skin Health is the leading transformation therapeutic skincare system available. Be You, Be Bright, and bleed Blue, ZO Blue!

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