Skin Tight, That's Right!

Most of us are longing for warmer weather! But along with that we have to ditch the oversized sweaters and long coats, and bring the shorts and sleeveless tops out of storage. This all sounds fine and dandy…until we remember how badly we ate this past holiday season, and how much we’ve been slacking in the gym. Or the loose skin and fine lines that we’ve been hiding with our scarfs. Well now, with Venus Freeze, showing some skin doesn’t have to be so scary! And now is the time to get started!

This March, marks 7 years of me being with The Center for Anti-Aging. During this time, I have witnessed and performed numerous treatments and services. But my personal, all-time favorite treatment…is the Venus Freeze! I have used the laser to help reduce cellulite on the backs of my thighs. Gals in the office have used it to help with the appearance of loose skin and stretch marks after having babies, and others to tighten their arms before wedding season.

Venus Freeze delivers Multi-Polar Radio Frequency along with Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field to produce a dense, uniform heat matrix.

This technology increases collagen production, resulting in a dramatic improvement in the skin, such as reducing cellulite, contouring and lifting the buttocks and thighs for enhanced shape, reduce volume and tone arms, soften laugh lines and wrinkles around the mouth, tighten up the jawline, and tighten and firm the abdomen. 6-8 treatments are recommended for each desired treatment area. Treatments are done once weekly, with sessions conveniently lasting only 20 minutes.

You may be thinking this laser sounds too good to be true? Or a treatment that works has to be painful? Well that is another reason this laser has impressed me so much. Treatments are relaxing and pain free. It actually feels very similar to a hot stone massage. I had a patient tell me during a treatment once that she would rather have a Venus Freeze treatment done, than pay for a massage. She put it perfectly when she said “It’s like a massage and a treatment in one”. Even better, your results will be long lasting, and you’ll be left with no downtime!

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