Secrets to Luscious Lips

Everyone wants to have well defined, beautifully shaped lips.

Unfortunately, aging is not kind to our lips. These changes can start as early as your mid-twenties. Over time, the muscles around your mouth cause fine lines and wrinkles and the collagen and elastin start diminishing, causing your once youthful, full lips to practically disappear.

I’m sure you have heard of celebrities and maybe even your friends getting their lips “done.” This usually references lip augmentation using dermal fillers. We have all seen the tabloids that show “duck lips” or lips that have been over-corrected. This can be a scary sight! Furthermore, it causes real people like you and me to be afraid to improve the volume and shape of our lips.

I am here to tell you, there is nothing to fear!

Lip augmentation can be very soft and natural. Lip volume can be improved a little or a lot! There is a range of treatment options to help you feel better about your lips! I have spent the last 11 years perfecting my technique for lip injections to achieve a natural and soft result that my patients love.

Here are some of my secrets to luscious lips!

Secret one – loss of fat, collagen and elastin happens to everyone as we age, even in our lips! Replace that volume with a subtle blend of my favorite Restylane product to prevent thin lips that disappear when you smile. If you’ve already seen significant volume loss, I can replace that lost volume in stages to achieve fullness and shape over time. As a bonus, newer products such as Restylane Refyne have technology to allow this treatment to be done with minimal swelling! Game changer!

Secret two – Getting filler does not mean your lips have be twice their normal size! I have many tools to choose from to achieve the desired effect from subtle shape and volume improvement to augmented lips that highlight your best feature. There is a range of enhancement and you get to decide what that is! I have 11 years of experience injecting lips and have developed special techniques to give you the perfect pout! You understand, I can’t tell the details of all my secrets!

Secret three – avoid smoking, drinking through straws, whistling and using sippy cups! This causes excessive breakdown of natural integrity of your lips resulting in loss of fat, collagen and elastin – this is commonly referred to as “smoker’s lines.” Ask me how I can help with this if you see “smoker’s lines” in your lips, even if you don’t smoke!

Secret four – keep your lips hydrated! My favorite product is ZO Skin Health Liprebuild. Although its currently out of stock, it should be available soon. Alternatives include our favorite ZO Hydrating Cream (can be used on any body part including the lips!) as well as our VIP lip mask available during your VIP facial. Another favorite is ZO Growth Factor Serum – absolutely put it on your lips!

I hope you enjoyed hearing some of my secrets to luscious lips! I can’t wait to help you achieve your perfect pout!

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