Chemical Peel to the Rescue!

If you have concerns with fine lines, wrinkles, acne, pigment, sun damage, large pores, dull skin or sagging, a peel may be just what you need! One of my favorite peels is the ZO 3 Step Peel. This peel is an advanced formula that is safe for all skin types. The peel combines salicylic acid, willow tree bark, TCA and lactic acid followed by a 6% retinol application for additional exfoliation benefit. The kit includes a take home retinol treatment as well.

You can expect 5-7 days of sheet like peeling and this peel is considered a medium depth peel. In some cases, you may need to condition your skin prior to receiving this peel. A series of peels can be used (once a month) to achieve improvements in texture, firmness and pigmentation. We highly recommend the ZO Hydrating Cream for use after this peel.

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