The ZO 3 step peel is a potent peel that maximizes texture improvement and produces longer lasting results than ordinary peels. The ZO 3 step peel penetrates the epidermis and upper dermis to significantly improve skin health while treating a variety of skin conditions. It helps treat sun damaged skin as well.


The first step contains a blend of trichloracetic, salicylic and lactic acids to remove the outer layer of the epidermis while the second step surges the skin with a 6 % retinol creme complex and other multi-action agents to repair natural skin function and reverse signs of aging. The third step in the ZO 3 step peel is an advanced,multi-action formula that rapidly relieves skin irritation and redness while re-balancing vital moisture content. 


*Online purchases must be used within 30 days unless otherwise specified.

ZO 3 Step Peel

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